Dota 2 Beta Keys Free Invitation - Limited invites Only

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As a part of our extensive giveaway program, is pleased to announce that we will be giving out "180 Dota 2 Beta Keys Invitation" henceforth every day.
All you need to do is to follow the rules in this blog and then count on your luck.
  • 180 members will win a DotA 2 beta key each day given randomly by a bot, and the bot will post the names of the people that win them. The users will receive the key via Email.
  • The keys will be distributed approximately every 24 hours from the time of the first giveaway, for the foreseeable future.
  • Any accounts created after the start of this giveaway will not be eligible (we may change this in the future)
  • Multiple Email from a single account will not increase your chances to win a key
  • Anyone who is caught Multiple email in this blog from multiple accounts will be disqualified
  • Only 1 account per IP/Computer used. Multiple accounts will disqualified

Good luck! And more luck to you all!
Simply follow the STEPS below to get your betakey!

First  Click on the Like button

NextShare this page for great chance to have a DotA 2 beta key

Next Copy and Post the message below to any related Dota 2 Fanpages on Facebook
Note: If you don't complete the steps and download the file, you WILL get a non-working code. We do not like cheaters, so let's all play fair.

Last Answer this simple question.
Why would we invite you for upcoming DotA 2?
(don't forget to include your email address where we send the DotA 2 invites)
( 5 / 20 Invitation code Left )
"a newly batch of code for the month of February goodluck everyone"

List was updated as of :

Note: No more than 2 email address per ip entry will be qualified for invitation. More than 2 email will be disqualified and not included for invitation. Thank you

Congrats to those who invites meet up ingame :)
  • Randomly invite has been selected see you in game ( January 23, 2013 )
  • 5 Lucky player already been invited. Congrats ( January 24, 2013 )
  • Another invitation has already been sent congrats to randomly pick ( January 25, 2013 )
  • Another batch of DotA 2 Invitation has already been sent Thank you! ( January 26, 2013 )
  • We already invite randomly the 5 lucky winner. Thank you, sorry for the late invite today ( January 27, 2013 )
  • 5 already randomly pick by randomizer. check your email if you're one of the lucky ( January 28, 2013 )
  • We already sent invitation to 5 lucky randomly winner congrats ( January 29, 2013 )
  • Congrats to another lucky invites for Dota 2 ( January 30, 2013 )
  • Already sent the 5 invitation .Thank you for your cooperation.  ( January 31, 2013 )
  • 5 invitations already been sent. have fun ( February 1, 2013 )
  • The 5 Lucky winner has already been invited check your email if you 1 of those. ( February 2, 2013 )
  • 5 Invitation already been sent Congrats ( February 3, 2013 )
  • Congrats to another 2 of invitation sent to lucky winner. keep on joining ( February 4, 2013 )
  • ......